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DOGA, the leading manufacturer in the aftermarket market, has launched its new program of electric gas springs for mid-range and high-end vehicles such as the Seat Ateca, Skoda Karoq, Ford S-Max, Volkswagen T-ROC, or Hyundai SantaFe.

This program includes 200 new references, making it the most extensive in the market.

DOGA electric gas springs provide a high level of comfort and safety in the opening and closing of vehicle trunks. They meet the manufacturer’s rigorous OEM standards, ensuring easy installation in all applications. Moreover, DOGA electric gas springs are the perfect solution for those seeking an advanced and reliable solution for the automatic opening and closing of gates and vehicle trunks.

Choosing DOGA electric gas springs makes a difference in the performance and durability of the applications where they are used, resulting in increased efficiency and a decrease in costs associated with maintenance and component replacement. With this launch, DOGA further solidifies its position as a leader in the aftermarket market, offering its customers the most comprehensive ranges in the market.

The catalog information is available in the main product catalogs as well as on the DOGA website. Sales are available through B2B TecCom, and all references are presented with packaging that guarantees the protection and safety of the product.

DOGA is a supplier to leading global manufacturers, with a product catalog designed to meet different needs and requirements. They take pride in offering exceptional service and personalized attention to each of their customers, always committed to their satisfaction.


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