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DOGA OPTIMA wiper blades, the best option in the market

As a preferred OE manufacturer along with its know-how, DOGA offers the optima range of wiper blades With this range, DOGA provides maximum quality and performance to the most demanding users, allowing the manufacturer to bring their experience and knowledge of the latest advances in original equipment quality to the Aftermarket. The OPTIMA range consists of three main segments: Optima SET 2X, Optima HFIT 2X, and Optima Rear, each designed to meet the most demanding needs of drivers and ensure precise replacement of the original vehicle’s wiper blades.

Direct replacement

Each Optima reference comes with a 2-blades set of front wiper blades with exact dimensions, assuring a perfect replacement of the original wiper blades in the vehicle.

Pre-assembled original adaptor

Optima Set wiper blades offer the specific adapter pre-assembled for a clean and quick installation of the original wipe blades.

Excellent visibility

OPTIMA wiper blades visibility is unbeatable, even in the most extreme weather conditions. The aerodynamic design of each reference assures a perfect pressure to the glass and a perfect sweep without noise at the highest speed

Wide coverage of vehicles

More than hundred references make Optima a range with great coverage among the fleet of circulating vehicles

Rear view

Rear applications wiper blades with exact measures that secure a perfect replacement of the original wiper blades of the vehicle

Direct replacement design

Specially designed to match exactly with the original specifications of the vehicle.

Durable construction

A strong and durable construction provides a perfect rear visibility

Wide coverage of vehicles

The large range of Optima rear blades having more than seventy references, assure a wide coverture range of the circulating vehicles fleet.

Retrofit sets

The OPTIMA HFIT 2X wiper blades offer an upgrade for vehicles equipped with conventional metal wiper blades or for the replacement of hybrid-type wiper blades.

Direct replacement design

The pre-assembled adapter, with plug and play technology, provides a clean and quick installation of the original wiper blades.

Durable construction

The sturdy and durable construction provides perfect visibility.

Wide coverage of vehicles

High coverage of vehicles equipped with hybrid and metal wiper blades.

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