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DOGA strengthens its commitment to sustainability and sustainable mobility by joining AMBE as a Partner Company.

By 8 February, 2024No Comments

DOGA, a company specialized in manufacturing special motors adapted for various industrial applications, has announced its membership in the Bicycle Sector Alliance (AMBE). This strategic alliance reflects DOGA’s firm commitment to sustainability and its ambition to enter the European bicycle market as a provider of high-quality electric motors and customized integrated systems.

With over six decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality products, DOGA has stood out for its ability to meet the specific needs of a wide range of markets, including automotive, industrial vehicles, agriculture, construction, and railway. The company has demonstrated a constant adaptability to changing market conditions and a solid commitment to sustainability, thereby contributing to the development of environmentally friendly mobility solutions.


Jordi Miro, CEO of DOGA, has emphasized the importance of this partnership and the company’s future goals in the bicycle sector. “Our company is dedicated to ‘creating and controlling movement,’ and our goal is to become a significant player in the European Bicycle Market,” he stated. This includes the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality electric motors, as well as custom-designed integrated systems to meet the specific needs of customers.

The decision to join AMBE’s Bicycle Sector Alliance is based on observing the activity developed by the Alliance and its members. DOGA sees in AMBE the ideal platform to collaborate and contribute to the development of the bicycle market in Spain. The company is committed to putting its experience and effort at the service of this sector and raising it to the level of other leading countries in the industry.

Regarding the current state of the bicycle sector in Spain, DOGA acknowledges the significant progress made in recent years. However, the company believes that there is still great potential for growth and development. To achieve this, DOGA will strive to raise awareness among both the population and government institutions about the importance of the bicycle as a fundamental pillar of sustainable development, both from an environmental and energy perspective, in Spanish society.

DOGA’s inclusion in AMBE will bring innovation and sustainability to the bicycle sector in Spain and Europe, thus reinforcing the commitment of both parties to a cleaner and healthier future through sustainable mobility.

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